From Florence to Roma: the Renzi Enigma (una risposta a Antonio Lettieri)

Sull’ultimo numero di aprile della rivista on-line “Insight” ( è stato pubblicato un interessante contributo di Antonio Lettieri, che consiglio di leggere.
Qui di seguito la mia risposta.

I agree with Antonio Lettieri’s oxymoric definition of the “bright darkness” of the italian politics, as well with his overall analysis of the current situation.
I try to explore an hypothesis. Let me start from the Fall of the Berlin Wall, one generation ago. It is important to speak in terms of generations rather than simply of years.
At that time, Italy was an important draught along the southern East-West border and, as such, the allies and Europe were forced to forgive and compensate for the weaknesses of italian administration.
After the ’89, the markets globalization, the new global strategic theater, the switch of USA interests toward Asia and South America have deeply changed the role of Italy in the world and we failed the rendezvous, because of a paralyzed politic system, unable to renew itself, to look for a new horizon. It is not a coincidence that just in those years Mr. Berlusconi’s movement began to grow and win, lifting the flag of so-called “liberal revolution”, of anti-politics.
The fall – or, better, the decline – of Berlusconi, after another generation, provoked a political void that the main left party, the PD, didn’t fill with substantial arguments, because of the deep, symbiotic link with his right-counterpart in the handling of wide administrative net (regions, departments, municipalities, public companies, local public companies and so on). Too much years, from the half of the ’70, were elapsed in a substantial, mutual allocation of the economic and politic powers, in a system that Emma Bonino defined as “faulty monopartitism”.
That faulty monopartitism didn’t run, no more. The situation was becoming unstable and dangerous for the “true powers”, inside and outside Italy. Monti – another “no-politician” – succeeded in giving the first stroke, but they needed a more performing Berlusconism, able to fool people with the same, even if renewed, “ingredients”: personal charisma, youth cult, a poor but clear communication, (“a govern of youth and women”: it is the main title of the “L’Unità” yesterday), and so on.
This is Matteo Renzi phenomenon: a fig-leaf on the new balance of power that is rising in Italy. Probably the PD will disintegrate itself and the new Renzi-generation give birth to a different politic organism, akin and partly superposable to Forza Italia, with new pale-leftist characters, thanks also to the new electoral system, agreed by Renzi and Berlusconi, who today declares to have a his own minister (Guidi), though opponent. Maybe the over flow of political corruption (because of the shortage of funds), the overwhelming inefficiency of administrative machine, the incredible costs of politics (meanwhile, the latest Act about this subject is only a mere trick) will diminish, but, as Latins say, mutato nomine, de te fabula narratur.
The future of Italy will be for sure that of a B country, in Europe and in the world. If we are at this point of decline it is not Germany’s (o EU) fault, but only our fault. For too many years we have agreed with a corporative politics, a politics for shareholders, not for stakeholders, for too many years we have tolerated a bad utilization of resources for school and university (have I to remember that for Germans the “Bildung” is at the second place in the ranking of the most important themes for the country, while in Italy is only at the tenth?); for too many years we have accepted substantially (even if we boasted against) that in entire regions mafia, camorra and ‘ndrangheta dominate. How could we turn up the volume against the austerity after an entire life of cicadas?
We have to start from this point and stop to throw on other shoulders our historic responsibilities. Hoping it is not too late.


2 pensieri riguardo “From Florence to Roma: the Renzi Enigma (una risposta a Antonio Lettieri)”

    1. Caro Gianluca, personalmente non ho alcuna ricetta miracolosa. Forse ci vorrebbe un poco dell’elisir di Dulcamara. A parte ogni (amaro) scherzo, quantomeno dovremmo fare tutti un bel bagno di realtà, fuori da ogni ottimismo di maniera sulle virtù degli “intelligentissimi” italiani, sempre pronti a cavarsela in ogni circostanza. Noi (parlo della mia generazione) abbiamo condotto il paese sull’orlo del baratro con una spensieratezza davvero criminale, confessiamolo. Basta farsi una semplice domanda: che fine hanno fatto le enormi economie sul costo del debito pubblico che ci ha consentito l’ingresso nell’euro? Si parla di 700 miliardi di potenziali risparmi in 14 anni. Se fossero stati impiegati per ridare una visione, un progetto alla nostra economia e alla nostra amministrazione pubblica …

      Mi piace


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